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Hello Reader, and greetings from Tokyo from your friend Nick, author of The 2-Hour Cocktail Party (paperback or Audible).

In this issue: a cool music experience in NYC, why I give people free airport rides, a short tale about friendships, my Asia travel schedule, a feature in Austin Monthly, the best place to drink (I still don't drink LOL), and a bunch more.

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Why I Give People Free Airport Rides

I started picking people up at the airport and met a bunch of millionaires and CEOs.

I do it for free and for fun. I also do it to build my network. Perhaps you want to try it yourself.

Here's how you can do it: (it isn't rocket science)

  • Offer to pick people up at the airport
  • Be nice, be on time, have a clean car
  • Do not ask for anything, not even a meeting or lunch after

I wrote up all my tips and tricks in this article on my personal blog. You will see:

  • Why I give airport rides
  • Internet-famous people I've driven
  • The science behind being helpful
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How you can do it

Lugging a bag across a terminal, searching for the exit, and then waiting 20 minutes for a rideshare stinks.

Just ask anyone who has flown into LAX recently.

Austin, Texas also has a bad setup. Airline passengers have to walk almost 1 mile to find the Uber and Lyft area.

Instead, imagine getting off the plane, going down to baggage claim, and seeing a friendly face waiting for you outside.

You get a free ride to your destination while having a little “get to know you” meeting with a new connection.

The airport ride gives you a chance to get to know someone on a more personal level. The environment is more relaxed than a traditional coffee meeting.

But most importantly, it is a much more memorable experience.

It feels unique and truly helpful. It’s very old-fashioned. I am doing something truly kind. It doesn’t scale very well. But that’s how I think about gatherings and relationships... continued

Random Links

▶️ This TikTok Girl Band Ruined My Life

"A group of triplet sisters that play country music, but also make extremely strange TikTok videos and YouTube shorts. Who are they?"

⭐️ Sonic Sphere at The Shed in NYC

My friend Jonathan Wegener says it is an amazing thing to do in NYC right now. Closes July 30th.

🗝️ Unlocking Social Connections: The Power of the 2-Hour Cocktail Party

People always ask if my book will work in Europe, or among a different social group that's always late, etc. Then this guy did it in Spain with a few modifications. See how it went: "A few months ago, I decided to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone by trying new things that I would otherwise prefer not to, much like Bartleby. This culminated in a fun cocktail party hosted at my place."

🎧 Spotify & Apple Podcast: Palmer Luckey of Anduril Industries

Podcast episode that I enjoyed. He talks about nextgen DefenseTech, China, and U.S. Policy.

🍺 The Best Place to Drink Is The Emptiest Bar in the City

"When your hearing starts to go, you just want to place to sit, sip and have a talk: namely, a hotel bar."

🚨 Two Rhode Island officials visited Philly. They were so rude their state launched two separate investigations

This whole story is wild: "David Patten and James Thorsen toured as part of official Rhode Island state business. Now, their actions are under review by the Rhode Island state police and the governor."

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 So pleased to meet you: why it’s never too late to make close friends

A sweet tale about friendship, via Luke Leighfield. From the article: "She’s 10 years younger than me and lives on the other side of the world – but we forged the friendship of a lifetime"

🥳 Austin Monthly: Nick Gray Teaches How to Throw a Party (When You’ve Never Thrown a Party)

"The Austin-based author of 'The 2-Hour Cocktail Party' shares his top tips for hosting a summer soiree." by Madeline Hollern

Upcoming Travel: Asia

  • Tokyo, Japan: through July 21st or so
  • Manila, Philippines: late July
  • Singapore: late July
  • Bangkok or Phuket: late July

I'm in Tokyo, Japan now and loving it. Check out my viral travel videos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The End

Thanks for reading my Friends Newsletter.

I'm hanging out in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo today. Some friends and I bought a little apartment here in Tokyo and I'm visiting it for the first time. I'll type up some notes soon of all my favorite spots and travel tips.

If you have any deep cuts or travel tips or fun people to meet in Tokyo, please let me know!

You think you’ve traveled the world... But nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing... can prepare you for how cheap the sushi is in Japan. I ate 14 pieces of tasty nigiri last night for $8 🤯

Have a great weekend.

🤠 Nick Gray

p.s. Here's the About Me on my website if you forgot who I am. We met [HOWWEMET GOES HERE].

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